Everything You Need to Know About Talent Analytics

Everyday, organizations are searching for ways to improve operations. With talent analytics, they can do just that. By measuring current and potential employee competencies, HR teams can optimize their workforce to ensure their team is nothing but perfect fits.

What is Talent Analytics?

Talent analytics produces insights into the potential hiring pool and into your existing team members. With a talent analytics platform, you can make informed decisions related to hiring and firing, find the right candidates with the skill sets to match your organization, as well as perform assessments of current team members.

Predictive analytics talent management

How Can Predictive Analytics Talent Management Benefit my Business?

Predictive analytics talent management is an excellent supplement to your busy HR team, cutting out unnecessary legwork and replacing “gut instinct” decisions with data-driven ones. A proper talent analytics platform will help with the hiring and screening process, reducing the amount of time searching for the perfect employee match and in turn reducing the amount of interviews. Talent analytics can also assist in weeding out unperforming or troublesome employees and identify rising stars in the workforce. By automating these processes, HR teams are able to shift their focus on to more important tasks at hand.

Key Features of the Best Talent Analytics Software

The best talent analytics platform should provide your team with supportive technology. Here are some of the top features you can expect when you choose talent analytics software from ZeroedIn:

what to consider in a talent analytics company

What to Consider When Selecting a Talent Analytics Company


Is It Easy to Use?


Is It Adaptable?


Is It Affordable


Can It Deliver Results?

ZeroedIn’s talent analytics platform was built with you in mind; featuring unparalleled ease-of-use for non-technical users, you’ll never be held back from accessing your insights. Our solution can adapt to your unique business needs and our personalized metrics are less expensive than other “black box” solutions. Most importantly, our talent analytics software delivers results, with free access to our analytics concierge team.

Reading and Predicting Trends with Talent Analytics Metrics

Reading and predicting trends with talent analytics metrics is crucial to maximize “quality of hire.” Quality of hire measures your return on investment by comparing recruiting costs—time, resources, and monetary costs (fees, advertising)—against how well employees match job requirements and company expectations like performance, productivity, and staying power. However, there’s no industry benchmark for quality of hire. Instead, it’s an index that is unique to each company and compose of in-house metrics such as:

  • Percentage of new employees terminated at < 6 month
  • Percentage of new employees terminated at < 1 year
  • Average performance rating of new employees in the first year
  • Manager satisfaction of new hires
  • New employee satisfaction
With the results provided through talent analytics, HR can determine the effectiveness of their various recruitment methods.

Why Work With ZeroedIn

ZeroedIn is the only people analytics company that can mobilize your data across the entire organization. Our advanced people analytics solution consistently does more with your data, giving you insights about every layer of your workforce. Our solution can be tailored to your needs, helping you save money through a customized solution instead of overpaying for big-ticket software. We also remedy your resource constraints with our Talent Analytics Concierge to provide you with real insights, value, and ROI.
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