ZeroedIn is Top Among
People Analytics Platforms

ZeroedIn is Top Among People Analytics Platforms

Don’t overpay for software that
can’t adapt to your needs


Settling for large, big-ticket people analytics software puts you at risk of choosing a solution that is complex and uncustomizable. If you’re looking for a solution that offers unique functionality and customer service at an affordable price, you’ll find that ZeroedIn delivers both.

When you work with ZeroedIn, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-use people analytics suite tailored to meet the information needs of your workforce. We work closely with clients to personalize dashboards so everyone who needs insights gets them in a way that’s meaningful. The result is a more effective, actionable, and cost-efficient people analytics software solution.

4 Reasons to Choose Our

People Analytics Solution


Our software is less expensive than other solutions, while providing you hundreds of personalized people analytics metrics.


Unlike some of our competitors, our analytics model flexes to accommodate your processes and integrates any internal or outside data like sales, operations, unemployment, and benchmarks.

Ease of Use

While our software provides advanced features and benefits, your HR teams won’t get held up by complicated processes or confusing dashboards. Our solution features unparalleled ease-of-use for non-technical users so that nothing stands between you and your workforce insights.


Our subscription includes free access to our analytics concierge team to develop customer predictors and to ensure you reach the full potential of your investment.

Choose ZeroedIn: Advanced Features & Benefits at a Reasonable Price

Our competition provides complex people analytics software that is overpriced and uncustomizable. With ZeroedIn, you don’t waste your time and money when you can have the features you want tailored to your business for a reasonable price. We offer power and flexibility with the internal support to back it up.

We Serve Clients Across Many Industries

And, many of our clients have leveraged Zeroedin for more than a decade and counting.

Department of Defense
Department of Defense
University Hospitals
University Hospitals

”ZeroedIn is more than just a software provider; it’s a strategic partner in talent management, committed to driving success for the City of Detroit. By collaborating with ZeroedIn, we are redefining the future of work and building a brighter tomorrow for our city.”

— Marcus Holmes, HR Operations General Manager, City of Detroit

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