Why ZeroedIn?

Our HR and people analytics technology, combined with our Workforce Analytics Concierge, gives HR the essential elements to build solid business cases for transformation and change.

Why ZeroedIn?

Our analytics model gives HR the essential elements to build solid business cases for transformation and change.

ZeroedIn helps you speak the language of business... money.

If you're trying to develop your budget without baseline metrics, forecasts, and monetized outcomes, then you're at risk of not only losing your credibility, but the very budget you’re trying to create.

ZeroedIn workforce planning software automates artificial intelligence (AI) inside HR. We monetize HR’s data science activities, giving you the power of predictive talent and business indicators to help you build your budgets and business cases using fact-based evidence. Remember, what gets measured gets funded.

top vendor

Our clients consistently rank ZeroedIn as one of their top vendors to work with.

Their reasons go way beyond our stellar levels of service and high-quality product.
Our technology consistently:

Does more
with your data.

ZeroedIn is the only people analytics solution that scores and ranks your workforce data to give you immediate insights about the top and bottom layers of your workforce.

By collecting both quantitative and qualitative feedback and opinion, you get really deep, actionable insights into what is really happening on the ground. We unify your data from multiple people systems and clean it up during the process.

Is affordable.

The BI tools of yesteryear persist with the promise of customization, yet they still require lots of time, money, and on-staff experts to work well. Other people analytic systems, while powerful, are complex and over-built for the needs of most organizations.

ZeroedIn maintains the right balance by bringing turnkey insights and a flexible, secure environment that delivers workforce data to you and your front lines at a much lower cost of ownership.

Can be tailored
by you.

You don’t need to be an IT analyst or programmer to use or understand ZeroedIn. Some systems require you to use “their format”, “their formulas”, and “their terminology”.

We adapt to your business, your format, and the way you want to visualize your workforce insights. Our library of workforce metrics and demographics is completely extensible by you without programming.

resource constraints.

Often times, clients are faced with the challenge of not having HR or IT resources available, which can delay the implementation of much-needed business solutions.

For this reason, our Workforce Analytics Concierge is here to remedy resource constraints, whether its maintaining user accounts, researching a data issue, or creating new insights and dashboards. We are your team of data scientists and product specialists, getting to real insights, real value, and real ROI more quickly, cost effectively, and painlessly.

Without ZeroedIn

Without the power and flexibility of ZeroedIn, you’re left to struggle with...

ZeroedIn builds a sustainable workforce and people analytics program.

Our workforce planning software and services transforms your data into an insightful, predictive tool and sends it out to the furthest reaches of your organization. Boost efficiency, improve communication, and discover the greatest potential of your dormant data with ZeroedIn.