Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Analytics

The workplace can be a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Too often, organizations overlook the information-rich workforce data that lies untouched at the heart of their operations. Without this crucial insight, workforce functions will fall short of their true potential. By harnessing the power of workforce analytics, organizations can optimize their workforce and plan for success, now and in the future.

What is Workforce Analytics?

Workforce analytics is an algorithm-based model applied to employee data to determine the effectiveness of your workforce. As suggested in the name, it focuses on the actual work itself. Although people usually do the work, workforce analytics extends beyond a person. The goal of workforce analytics is to gain an understanding of work processes, plan for future work, and transform current ways of working.

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How Can Workforce Analytics Software Benefit my Business?

Workforce analytics allows HR teams and leaders to analyze data in order to guide informed decisions that will benefit your business. With the insights provided by dedicated workforce analytics software, your organization can save time and money by finding out what processes are working—or not—ahead of time. These valuable insights benefit your business by allowing you to optimize your workforce to meet crucial deadlines. The data can even help you determine if you have enough staff or resources available to complete objectives in an efficient manner, and suggest how to adjust accordingly.

Key Features of the Best Workforce Analytics Software

The best workforce analytics software should include a dual-model approach to solving your data management and analysis problems. At ZeroedIn, we provide our clients with a solution that incorporates both a data lake for staging raw data and an analytics data-warehouse model. Our dual-model approach includes a staging model, where your data is cleaned, formatted, and organized. Then, we quantify the facts in our analytics model. Other features include:

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Selecting a Workforce Analytics Software

Before deciding on a workforce analytics software, it’s important to ask these four questions:

Is It Easy to Use?


Is It Adaptable?


Is It Affordable


Can It Deliver Results?

ZeroedIn’s workforce analytics software was built with you in mind; featuring unparalleled ease-of-use for non-technical users, you’ll never be held back from accessing your insights. Our solution can adapt to your unique business needs and our personalized metrics are less expensive than other “black box” solutions. Most importantly, our workforce analytics software delivers results, with free access to our analytics concierge team.

Reading & Predicting Trends with Workforce Analytics Metrics

Trying to discover workforce analytics metrics on your own will never give you the insights your organization needs. When you take the DIY route, you sacrifice quality and spend copious amounts of time performing manual tasks. With a proper solution like ZeroedIn, reading and predicting trends will become a breeze. Our advanced workforce analytics software transforms your data through individual stages:


around the clock collection
Data from
Client Systems

Transfer & Store

Transfer and store in data lake

Transfer via Secure FTP
to Client Data Lake


transform data into readable results
Effective Date
Data is Prepared
and Processed

Visualize & Discover

Analytics cubes deliver personalized insights

Analytics Model &
Personalized User Insights
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Why Work With ZeroedIn

ZeroedIn is the only people analytics company that can mobilize your data across the entire organization. Our advanced people analytics solution consistently does more with your data, giving you insights about every layer of your workforce. Our solution can be tailored to your needs, helping you save money through a customized solution instead of overpaying for big-ticket software. We also remedy your resource constraints with our Workforce Analytics Concierge to provide you with real insights, value, and ROI.
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