People analytics experts providing clarity through trustworthy data

Let our easy-to-use platform create data-driven confidence

People analytics experts providing clarity through trustworthy data

Let our easy-to-use platform create data-driven confidence

Overcome Your Most Vital Workforce Challenges Today

We unify & present data from multiple HR, talent and business systems to enable better decision-making.

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People Analytics

With ZeroedIn, you can expect:

  • Unified and visualized data
  • As many data sources and formats as needed – data management included
  • Out-of-the-box PLUS easy personalization
  • Multiple service levels (self, partial or fully managed options)
  • Combine people data with business data
  • Survey your employees, consolidate results, and compare to business data
  • Specific insights into your business with ClearView Dashboards

The People Analytics Journey

Where is your organization?

Data Evaluation

What data do we need? Where is our data? How many systems? What is the condition of the data?

Data Pipeline

Is this automated? Who is responsible for monitoring? Can we enhance, update or add new sources efficiently?

Data Visualization

Can we easily update reports and dashboards? Can we create new ones? Who has access to see dashboards and is that flexible enough for our business?

Data-Driven Culture Within HR

Do we need to access more than one system to make decisions? Are there data gaps that impede our ability to make timely decisions with confidence?

Data-Driven Culture Across the Organization

Can we easily provide information across the organization with accuracy, security and speed?

tapping into the value of data ebook


Tap Into the Value of Your Data

Do you have data paralysis?

Do you have messy data & no time to fix it?

Or, maybe you have a new team, no team, or no infrastructure?

Want more insights? Check out: Help! We Can’t Find Our Data and Top 9 People Analytics Insights. And, more info in our blog and ebook libraries.

We Serve Clients Across Many Industries

And, many of our clients have leveraged Zeroedin for more than a decade and counting.

Department of Defense
Department of Defense
University Hospitals
University Hospitals

”ZeroedIn is more than just a software provider; it’s a strategic partner in talent management, committed to driving success for the City of Detroit. By collaborating with ZeroedIn, we are redefining the future of work and building a brighter tomorrow for our city.”

— Marcus Holmes, HR Operations General Manager, City of Detroit

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Let’s have a conversation about your challenges and discuss how ZeroedIn brings technology and people together to make your business more profitable with happier, more engaged employees.

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