Meet the ZeroedIn
Workforce Analytics Concierge.

Like a hotel concierge, we fulfill any and all requests a client may have related to their data and workforce analytics initiatives. Our concierge service becomes your team of data scientists and product specialists whose tasks include:
Account Maintenance
Metric Development
Data Discovery
Trend Analysis
Analyst Guidance
Predictive Modeling

The Workforce Analytics Concierge helps you find real value more quickly.

Get quicker access to real insights.

Often times, clients are faced with the challenge of not having HR or IT resources available to jump start an investment in a new solution. ZeroedIn’s Workforce Analytics Concierge eliminates the need for dedicated client resources allowing you to get started today.

We look out for you.

Our concierge fast-tracks your path to ROI by providing routine data science activities that uncover potential risks and areas of opportunity with your workforce. We meet regularly with you to discuss our findings so you can take appropriate actions.

Discover the full ZeroedIn cloud workforce analytics suite.

The Workforce Analytics Concierge is one part of our complete cloud workforce analytics suite. Paired together, our service and technology can discover and deliver vital insights to boost efficiency, improve communication, and uncover the greatest potential of your dormant data.

data delivered where needed

Arm your people with decision-making confidence.

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