The Best People Analytics Software: Accelerate Through Technology

October 9, 2020

People analytics is fundamental to the Human Resources of tomorrow, but don’t let time deter you from the value it can bring you today. Recently, Deloitte Consulting published their people analytics maturity model and research findings on how high-impact organizations move across four levels of maturity: 

  • Level 1: Complying and Reacting
  • Level 2: Building and Scaling
  • Level 3: Automating and Broadening
  • Level 4: Embedding and Exploring

One of the report’s key findings is that 72 percent of companies reside in Level 2 of maturity, focused on building and scaling. What does this mean for your business? And how can you ensure you don’t get mired in minutiae at Level 2? Deloitte identifies 7 factors that help propel organizations beyond Level 2, and Accelerate Through Technology is one of them.  Technology is an essential resource for success.  In fact, 50 percent of companies are planning to invest in people analytics technologies over the next 12 months. 

Providing your team with supportive technology is where ZeroedIn excels. Here are some top features you can expect to achieve great success with the best people analytics software from ZeroedIn:

  • Role-Based Data ExperiencesFocus on the key information each user needs. 
  • Collaborative Data Rooms Create personalized experiences using visuals to explain data.
  • Management Scorecards – Develop a plan to achieve company goals for management and staff.
  • Integrated Surveys – Receive employee feedback to improve operational workflows as needed.
  • Predictive Talent Indicators – Use intuitive technology to learn from workplace statistics.
  • Workforce Analytics Concierge – Allow technology to work without additional client resources.

It’s not uncommon for clients to experience challenges when they don’t have HR or IT resources available to manage a new technology solution. ZeroedIn’s people analytics software can solve this issue. It eliminates the need for dedicated client resources, which allows you to focus on other areas that need attention.

ZeroedIn’s workforce analytics suite delivers the intelligence your team needs to drive your business forward. With insights in hand, your HR team can make a bigger contribution to your company than ever before. 

Request a demo today to learn more about our technology acceleration program and our workforce analytics concierge. 

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