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April 8, 2021
Written by ZeroedIn Blog
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Growing companies are constantly looking to streamline their people processes. One of these processes includes moving from a “one size fits all” model approach to gathering their data through an integrated suite of specialty solutions. However, what stops many clients from implementing a workforce analytics and metrics solution is that they don’t have enough HR or IT resources available to manage it. 

When it comes to workforce analytics and metrics, support is crucial, but it is lacking; according to RedThread Research’s People Analytics Tech 2020 report, only 4% of vendors offer “deep customer support and professional services.” This leaves companies with few options when looking for a supportive vendor. Luckily, ZeroedIn is proud to say that we’re a part of that 4%. 


Introducing ZeroedIn’s Workforce Analytics Concierge

As mentioned earlier, companies looking to implement a workforce analytics solution don’t always have the proper support within their organization to manage it. ZeroedIn’s Workforce Analytics Concierge solves that problem by eliminating the need for dedicated client resources, meaning that you can get started right away, regardless of your current HR and IT support — or lack thereof. 

You can think of us as a hotel concierge; we fulfill any and all requests you may have related to your data and workforce analytics initiatives. The concierge becomes your team of data scientists and product specialists whose duties include tasks like: 

  • Account maintenance
  • Metric development
  • Data discover
  • Trend analytics
  • Analyst guidance
  • Predictive modeling
  • Survey development


Real insights and real value more quickly

Oftentimes, companies who don’t have enough HR and IT resources available to manage a workforce analytics solution will attempt the DIY route; however, by figuring it out for yourself, you’re left with the painstaking details of collecting and transforming data into meaningful workforce analytics and metrics. This route sacrifices quality of data and wastes precious time. 

When you choose ZeroedIn, we look out for you. Our Workforce Analytics Concierge fast-tracks ROI by providing routine data science activities that uncover potential risks and areas of opportunity in your workforce for you. In addition to that, we meet regularly with you to discuss our findings so that you can take appropriate action right away. 


Discover the full ZeroedIn Cloud Workforce Analytics Suite

The Workforce Analytics Concierge is only one part of our complete cloud workforce analytics suite. Paired together, our service and technology can discover and deliver vital insights to boost efficiency, improve communication, and uncover the potential of dormant data.

  • Role-Based Data Experiences: Target user groups with personalized dashboards and easy to use data discovery tools that deliver evidence-based insights
  • Collaborative Data Rooms: Annotate notes containing context and guidance, and create a visual story to share with others.
  • Management Scorecards: Monitor and measure your strategic action plans using our streamlined balanced scorecard approach.
  • Integrated Surveys: Capture and analyze options and feedback directly from the workforce via pulse and event-triggered surveys.
  • Predictive Talent Indicators: Proactively identify flight risks, rising stars, ideal candidates, and more using our predictive models and indicators.


More than just customer support

We pride our Workforce Analytics Concierge on being more than just customer support. When it comes to workforce analytics and metrics, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you, becoming a part of your own team. Our concierge paired with our complete suite of software and supporting services will deliver the intelligence you and your managers need to propel your workforce and business forward. Contact our team of experts at ZeroedIn today to take your people processes to the next level.


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