What Is the Complete Solution to Successful Workforce Analytics?

September 26, 2017
Written by Chris Moore
Journey Through Workforce Analytics

Analytics in HR is still pretty new, as most know. Forbes announced, “People Analytics Is Here” just two years ago. While there is a lot of opportunity in the field, it’s still unfulfilled. Which makes it difficult for HR leaders to get the resources they need to bring the power of their workforce data to the frontlines of company management.

ZeroedIn, a workforce analytics solution company, helps clients get it right the first time. What they’ve observed from working with companies both large and small is that each HR group has the same problems – trying to create their own analytics and extract insights from multiple people systems, with limited resources and expertise. ZeroedIn has combined workforce analytics technology with a data science concierge service that aims to get you ROI much quicker than doing it all yourself.  They state their case well in a new eBook, “From Zero to Hero: A Transformative Journey Through Workforce Analytics.” 

Chris Moore, ZeroedIn founder and CEO, states, “Technology can’t be the whole solution. Combining a concierge service with tech is what creates success for busy and resource-constrained clients. ZeroedIn becomes a part of your team and takes on the tasks that you might do in-house if you could. We’re happy to do all the work and let you take all the credit.”

The “Zero to Hero” eBook portrays a rising star in HR that builds the case for workforce analytics and becomes the company’s hero for bringing much needed insights. It’s a fun and informative read. There are some good arguments to use with your C-suite about why this work is important and how to connect the dots between talent success and business success. You can get the eBook here.


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