Top 10 People Analytics Insights

October 21, 2021
Written by ZeroedIn Blog

Organizations look for factors they have some control over to analyze and measure their workforce. Influences on these factors can be difficult to see and come from both inside and outside the company. People analytics provide curated insights to help companies reduce time and effort, resulting in better, faster decisions for the organization.

Here are some of the Top 10 People Analytics Insights:

1. Staffing and Recruiting

For more effective and informed staffing and recruiting, HR leaders need a data-driven view into a number of insights — from headcount by organization hierarchy and position, to quality of hire by source.

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2. Productivity

Productivity is simply defined as what gets done. It’s measured by how much gets accomplished, calculated against a company baseline such as number of units sold or a company target such as revenue.

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3. Performance

Performance is more subjective than productivity. It can be described as how well someone does their job. Although it’s hard to measure, it’s tied to employee compensation, which is the biggest investment that companies make.

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4. Turnover

Employee turnover is a huge concern for businesses, especially in today’s mass resignation movement. Conventionally, turnover is the number of people who leave a company either voluntarily or involuntarily, resulting in positions that need to be filled.

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5. Mobility

Mobility is the path that an employee takes within an organization, leading to different work experiences that can affect employee performance positively and negatively.

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These insights are complex. Analyzing them and discovering patterns is not a simple task if you go it alone. ZeroedIn can help you accelerate sound decision-making by leveraging the workforce data embedded deep inside your people systems.

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