The Secret to the Most Productive New Hires

March 1, 2016
Productive Hires

How fast can we bring our new hires up to speed? Do we need a 6 week on-boarding program? Or is 4 weeks enough to get them going and productive? If you don’t measure, you’ll never know.

To find out how long your on-boarding process takes to get employees going, you need to measure time and outcome versus objectives, and measure what makes a person successful and what drags them down. Here’s what you need to cut down your time to productivity and turn out your most productive employees.

Know your demographics

Productivity doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It depends on people. To figure out your time to productivity, you need to know what the makeup of the people you are putting into your new-hire funnel. Capture and codify information from their resumes and applications including industry specific experience, past employers, and years of experience.

Know your expected outcomes

Productivity is how long it takes to achieve certain outcomes or goals. So, what are the goals? Establish what outcomes you will use to measure productivity before you start. When you measure progress, you’ll have something to compare against to determine your success rate.


Create checkpoints and assessments throughout the onboarding process. These will help capture progress and inputs to your measurements. Capture the real performance measures as well during intervals at 30-60-90+ days out from onboarding.


Once you have your onboarding and performance data, it’s time to analyze it. You have to be able to compare the qualities and the aspects of those that are successful against those that are not so.

Knowing your current time to productivity, what goes into it, and what kind of people sink or swim under your current process allows you to build a stronger, faster way to bring new employees up to speed. This includes making sure that the optimum new hires are brought in at the beginning of the process. To see the best results from your time to productivity measurement, get help from a workforce analytics experts like ZeroedIn that can do both the assessment and measurement. Once you have the information you need in your hands, you’ll have the tools you need to boost your productivity and get the most from your new hires. Good luck!

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