The Politics of Workforce Analytics

January 27, 2016
The Politics of HR Metrics

Workforce analytics is like a political campaign. You have your measurement strategy, information gatherers (pollsters), and a campaign manager who strategizes and directs the moving pieces of the campaign.

Your company, of course, is the stunningly attractive candidate who stands to win big and your constituents are your employees, leaders, and external stakeholders.

Like in real campaigns, the manager for your workforce analytics campaign is the fulcrum that everything turns on. Their vision and leadership determine your program’s success – after all, good measurements require good leadership.

Know Your Communication Strategy

To get the most out of your workforce analytics campaign, you need a campaign manager who isn’t afraid to tell you what’s there, whether it’s good or bad. Since your program lead processes and communicates your HR metrics, they have the ability to decide what you learn from your workforce analytics and what the metrics will tell you. Their approach can follow one of two strategies:

  • Conservative – Your campaign manager channels the information through their lens and experience, and gives you the metrics that he or she thinks you would want to see, and that he or she thinks are important.
  • Collaborative – Your campaign manager works with your company to give you the metrics you want to see, not just the ones that the campaign manager wants to show.

There is a third option for your communication strategy, and that is “somewhere in the middle between the two.” It all depends on what will work the best for you, but it’s important to be up front about how you want to work with your campaign manager and what method you prefer.

What You Need

Once you have your campaign manager, pollsters and message ready, all you need is a strong platform to launch your campaign. In this case, that’s your workforce intelligence platform. With your campaign underway, you’ll have your workforce intelligence facts and figures at your fingertips, allowing you to share your story and garner support from your constituents. Good luck!

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