The Importance of Data for Leading People – Keith Goode

An inspiring episode with host Dr. Fouad M. Alame and Keith Goode, Vice President of Client Services at ZeroedIn Technologies.

In this conversation, they discuss the transformative potential of people analytics, emphasizing the challenges of data silos and the importance of using AI for predictive and prescriptive analytics in areas such as employee turnover, hiring, task allocation, and engagement evaluations.

Some of the takeaways:

  • People analytics harnesses data and AI to provide transformative insights for HR and leadership in talent development and performance enhancement.
  • Overcoming data challenges, especially in HR, requires breaking down silos and utilizing tools and features that facilitate the aggregation and correlation of diverse data sets.
  • Predictive analytics, aided by explainable AI, enables organizations to identify flight risks among employees, offering insights into factors like tenure, promotions, demotions, and engagement.
  • The strategic use of data and AI extends beyond predicting flight risks to areas such as task allocation (illustrated by the “backpack algorithm”) and leveraging text analytics for a deeper understanding of employee engagement evaluations.