5 Key Features of the Best Talent Analytics Software

March 15, 2021
Features of the Best Talent Software

Talent analytics software helps businesses make informed decisions related to hiring, firing, and retention in order to find the right candidates with the skill sets to match your organization, as well as perform assessments of current team members. It’s a valuable tool that cuts out unnecessary legwork for HR teams, performing tasks that streamline the hiring and screening process, weed out underperformers, identify rising stars, and much more. 

However, the data you gather is only as powerful as the talent analytics software that you choose. While searching for a software can be a challenge, the talent analytics software you choose should provide your team with supportive technology that you can leverage to make transformative business decisions. Here are some of the top features you can expect from the best talent analytics software.

Role-Based Data Experiences

The best talent analytics software should feature role-based data experiences, providing users with the dashboards they need based on their role in the company. Role-based dashboards grant users access to the talent analytics that make up insights relevant to them, reducing confusion and ensuring that information is easy to read and understand. 

However, the solution should also limit user accessibility, only granting access to capabilities and data authorized by organizational leaders. This will give leaders peace of mind when each user has access to what they need and nothing else, ensuring important information is secure. 

Collaborative Data Rooms

Another key feature of the best talent analytics software are collaborative data rooms. Data rooms are an excellent way to provide context to the meaning of metrics. Sometimes, complicated data needs to be interpreted by more than one person; with collaborative data rooms, users can create personalized views and annotations, sharing with colleagues to gain additional perspectives. Visualization capabilities also help in storytelling with data, helping HR teams to gain the understanding they need to make actionable decisions.

Management Scorecards

Too often, team processes and goals can get disorganized and lead to misunderstandings. Management scorecards, another useful feature of talent analytics software, will act as a workforce roadmap. A solution with management scorecards will allow managers and teams to have a clear understanding of your goals and the work that needs to be done to achieve those goals. 

The functionality to map and monitor strategic initiatives will streamline operations, letting executives know where you are and what you need at every step in the process. This is especially helpful when the software can calculate and report indicators to guide resource realignment and operational adjustments when needed.

Integrated Surveys

As an HR team, the most valuable data comes directly from your employees. A software that features integrated surveys can help you capture and analyze employee opinions, feedback,, and concerns—all in one place. Surveys can be scheduled to be sent out automatically during specific stages, such as hiring, onboarding, separation, and more. The best talent analytics software will automatically aggregate and analyze numeric and text results with other business data points, allowing HR teams to solve issues quickly, efficiently, and without additional software cost.

Predictive Talent Indicators

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming an integral part of talent analytics and is becoming a necessary feature of talent analytics software. In fact, software with machine learning can build and train algorithms so they can continually learn from your data. Features like this help HR teams predict future employee behavior based on how they have behaved in the past. It also allows HR teams to be more proactive in identifying employee flight risks, rising talent, perfect candidates, ideal successors, and more, taking a lot of manual work off of your HR team’s shoulders. 

Finding a talent analytics software can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, however, it’s important to keep these five features in mind before making your choice. Luckily, ZeroedIn has everything you need in a talent analytics software; our cloud-based talent analytics platform employs these same essential tools to deliver the most valuable insights to your HR business partners, executives, people managers, and analysts. 

Don’t have the HR or IT resources available to manage a new technology solution? Our workforce analytics concierge solves that problem by eliminating the need for dedicated client resources, allowing you to get started right away. It also fulfills all requests you may have related to your data and talent analytics initiatives, so you’re never left to fend for yourself. Interested in learning more? Contact ZeroedIn to get started on harnessing the potential of your talent data today.

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