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November 9, 2018
Cost of Workforce

Rarely do employers realize the cost of hiring workers from the outside, but as this enduring Forbes article reports, external hires get paid more than internal ones by as much as 18%, ultimately reducing your firm’s bottom line. The research shows employee productivity can also be negatively impacted by external hires, leading to efficiency lacks and even more profit leaks.

Workforce analytics helps you capitalize on the employee assets already under your roof by identifying rising stars and stagnant but productive employees where a simple lateral move or that promotion can make a big difference.  Managers at all levels need those insights to align their open positions to the top contributors already on the payroll that might otherwise leave your organization begrudged and early because they’ve been overlooked.

ZeroedIn is dedicated to making sure your company has the insights that hiring managers and others need to keep your cash where it belongs. Those external hotshots you hire often take significant time to acclimate and rarely hit the ground running, thus chipping away at you-know-what.  Analytics from ZeroedIn help guide your decisions and keep existing employees happy, so they continue doing the most good right where they belong.

Learn how ZeroedIn can keep your company’s cash where it belongs by unleashing the power of workforce data and analytics to your front line managers.

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