People Analytics FAQs

January 14, 2022
Written by ZeroedIn Blog
People Analytics

The idea of using a people analytics solution to make the best use of the workforce data you collect is probably intriguing, but if you’re like most human resource (HR) execs, you have questions about how it works, how to implement it, and the value it can deliver.

ZeroedIn has complied a list of five people analytics FAQs and answers you need to make an informed decision on whether using a people analytics solution is right for your business. 

How can a people analytics solution use data from different sources and transform it into one clean database?

ZeroedIn is a complete people analytics solution that starts with integrating and unifying data sets from all of your HR, payroll, talent, performance, learning, recruiting, recognition, engagement, and other related systems. We refer to this automated process as the “data pipeline.”

Key components of the data pipeline are data cleansing and data transformation. For instance, your core HR system may be the single point of truth for job position titles, and while your recruiting system manages open position requisitions and candidates. The recruiting system may be an entirely different vendor system that contains a variety of job position titles, some of which are abbreviated, misworded, or even misspelled because of a lack of integration that would allow you to select from a predefined list of job titles from the core HR system. ZeroedIn can rectify this problem as part of the data pipeline cleansing and transformation process. Our data transformation capabilities are extensive and can accomplish this clean-up through keyword matching and other features. 

What are some of the new or unexplored HR data sets that customers are finding to be valuable to their businesses? 

The biggest trend we are see is clients who want to compare their HR data against their operational data. For instance, during a recent Human Resource Executive webinar, our customers at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar talked about how they are looking at store sales and shrink data and compare it to their people data. The goal is to identify insights that influence results and truly drive the bottom line. Additional trends in HR related data include comparison to unemployment statistics by geographic region, salary benchmarks by geographic region and job position.

Upskilling and readiness for the future of work are critical new HR metrics. How does ZeroedIn measure these capabilities? 

ZeroedIn incorporates data sets from all of your HR and people systems including core HR, payroll, talent management, performance management, learning management, recognition, recruiting, engagement, and more by integrating core HR datasets with talent, performance, and learning. 

ZeroedIn can identify bench strength and weakness for key positions, identify open position requisitions, external candidate pools, and likely successors from internal candidate pools.

With hiring and retention so difficult now, are you seeing companies turn to software solutions instead of hiring a dedicated people analytics resource? 

The short answer is yes. In recent months, we have talked to many different organizations who have been actively trying to fill open roles in people analytics, the majority of which have been open for three or six months and sometimes even a year. Open positions in people analytics results in businesses struggling to get workforce insights to their leaders in a timely manner.
Instead of trying to fill that role, companies are turning to ZeroedIn to be an extension of their people analytics teams. 

In addition to our software providing leaders with the information they need, a partnership with ZeroedIn offers our customers with a team of analytical consultants who provide guidance on the questions they should be asking and how to obtain answers to those questions. 

What are the best tools and methods for communicating people analytics results at the executive level? 

The best place to start is to give each of your executives their own personalized dashboard to provide a view into their organization hierarchy. Their dashboard becomes a single point of truth from which to obtain facts and information about their workforce. Next, assign automated alerts to identify when something abnormal is occurring, and coach them on the proper way to rectify the situation.

Do You Still Have People Analytics Questions?

If you need more answers, the ZeroedIn team is happy to discuss your business and the workforce analytics insights that can help your business. Contact us.

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