Measuring Resilience with Advanced People Analytics

January 25, 2021
Written by ZeroedIn Blog

Having a resilient workforce is essential now more than ever; it’s crucial for organizations to be adaptive and flexible in the face of change to achieve success. An organization is only as resilient as its employees, and employees everywhere are undoubtedly experiencing significant workplace changes as 2020 comes to an end.

meQuilibrium, a digital resilience solution, is proving that a resilient workforce is capable of remaining productive despite scheduling, management, and other alterations to employees’ day-to-day operations. On the other hand, non-resilient employees often become stressed, unfocused, absent, and depressed because they cannot cope in times of change. In fact, they cost organizations thousands of dollars due to lower productivity rates and higher medical expenses for services like counseling. 

Measuring Resilience and its ROI

Installed on an employee’s mobile device, meQuilibrium acts as a cognitive performance coach, providing a personalized AI journey for each employee to follow and learn from. This helps you as the employer identify trends and challenges in your workforce so that you can re-position employee-focused initiatives. While meQuilibrium helps employees learn and grow, it provides employers with unique cognitive risk and behavioral health data about their workforce

To measure the return on investment of a resilient workforce, meQuilibrium has teamed with ZeroedIn to leverage our world class advanced people analytics suite. ZeroedIn’s ability to continually collect, transform, and analyze workforce metrics like turnover, absenteeism, productivity, and employer healthcare costs against meQuilibrium’s factors and insights shows clients exactly where their investment in employees’ well-being is paying off.

Taking Action

Employees are the heart of every organization and should be treated as such. If your employees aren’t meeting productivity standards, perhaps it’s time to assess and upskill them with a resilience solution like meQuilibrium. Monitoring the mental health of your employees benefits both the employee and the employer, especially when you can prove your results ZeroedIn. 

Measure what’s important to you and your leadership and bring the power of your workforce data to the front lines. Request a Demo of ZeroedIn’s advanced people analytics offerings and services today. 

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