March 9 Webinar: Don’t Settle for “Good Enough” People Analytics Solutions

March 3, 2022
Written by ZeroedIn Blog
Don't Settle for Good Enough People Analytics

Never Compromise

Settling for limited visibility into the talent pool and employee performance can put you at a disadvantage. In The Great Resignation era, competition for employees is fierce – and you want to ensure you are doing all you can to find and keep top talent and bolster your company status among job candidates to help with your talent acquisition strategy.

The visibility you need requires a full-featured and flexible people analytics solution but finding the optimal platform for your business can be challenging. Our webinar Don’t Settle for “Good Enough” in a People Analytics Solution will answer your questions about:

  • How to evaluate people analytics solutions to make sure they have what you need
  • Why it’s not enough to just analyze data from HR systems in isolation
  • Key features to look for when evaluating a people analytics solution
  • Useful tips and tricks on how people analytics can drive results for HR and the business
  • How to build your business case for a people analytics solution

Get the Facts from ZeroedIn’s CEO

Join ZeroedIn Founder and CEO Chris Moore as he presents alongside Keith Goode, VP of Client Success, and Kari Trost, Director of Rewards Strategic Initiatives, Avangrid, Inc for our upcoming webinar, Don’t Settle for “Good Enough” in a People Analytics Solution.

This event will take place virtually at 2 pm ET on March 9, 2022. Chris, Keith and Kari will highlight insights into people analytics, performance measurement and talent management, and moving beyond “do-it-yourself” people analytics.


Harness the Power of a People Analytics Solution

Recruiting, employee engagement, and managing employees for optimal performance is never easy – and your organization will require tailored insights to inform decisions unique to your workforce and your circumstances.
Using a people analytics solution that provides you with the robust workforce insights you need will never put you in a position where you have to settle for less visibility than you need.

Learn more during this event!


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