Side Hustle City: Keith Goode on Revolutionizing HR Tech & Entrepreneurial Growth

Unlock the potential of your human capital with insights from Keith Goode, Vice President of Client Services at ZeroedIn, as he transforms the way you think about HR software. This episode of Side Hustle City, hosted by Adam Koehler, showcases how Keith and ZeroedIn have revolutionized HR systems—merging payroll, learning management, and applicant tracking into a seamless platform that catalyzes business growth. Side hustlers dreaming of high-growth ventures and seasoned CEOs alike will discover invaluable strategies for scaling businesses through efficient workforce management.

We delve into the transformative power of HR technology in overcoming hiring hurdles, offering fresh perspectives on HR innovation and emphasizing the critical role of human capital as not just an asset but the entire portfolio of a company. Join us as we explore the entrepreneurial spirit that turns challenges into opportunities, proposing solutions that can skyrocket career trajectories and reshape the business landscape.

The conversation also highlights the strategic journey of building a software company that fills a market void, striking the perfect balance between proprietary and customizable analytics solutions. From leveraging AI and making strategic funding decisions to capturing investor attention, we cover the essentials that have propelled Keith’s company to the forefront of the HR software industry. With a focus on ‘clear box’ analytics, sustainable growth, and market adaptability, learn how companies like ZeroedIn attract the right investor attention and stand out in the competitive HR tech domain.