Inspirus Announces Launch of Inspirus Insights and Partnership with ZeroedIn

August 7, 2018

Inspirus, a Sodexo Group company and a leader in elevating employee experiences announced today the launch of its new workforce analytics suite, Inspirus Insights. Developed in partnership with ZeroedIn, Inspirus Insights provides managers and executives a full range of reporting and analytics that delivers targeted, evidence-based insights on program performance. This comprehensive solution makes the process of sharing workforce insights efficient, repeatable and valuable by identifying where improvements are needed in an organization.

In today’s competitive landscape, people managers need better insight into key aspects of the workforce in order to guide and influence decisions. Workforce analytics are critical in helping companies engage their workforce, provide oversight and adapt quickly. “We believe Inspirus Insights gives us a unique advantage among our competitors. When combined with the services offered by Sodexo, Inspirus Insights can provide a more holistic view of the experiences that drive employee engagement, retention and performance. From recognition and well-being programs to food options and employee-centric spaces, all of these contribute to the overall employee experience. Now, with Inspirus Insights, we are able to capture all of these encounters and provide employees with the right tools and relevant data to help improve their business outcomes,” commented Sari Feltman, VP of Business Transformation.

From its ease of integration with cloud or on-premise HCM and business systems to its ad hoc report writer and interactive on-demand dashboard, Inspirus Insights supports customer success and program managers by providing a full range of reporting and analytics that delivers powerful workforce data on recognition program performance and the cultural behaviors that influence an organization.

“Inspirus’ partnership with ZeroedIn goes beyond delivering industry-leading recognition and engagement analytics. Both companies share a vision that revolves around enhancing employee experiences to drive overall engagement and deliver improved business outcomes. ZeroedIn already delivers tremendous value by allowing employers to tie HR practices to corporate outcomes. When delivered through Inspirus Insights, the value multiplies as employers can now measure the impact of their recognition, well-being and engagement programs, through interactions with their customers and by their operational and financial drivers,” remarked Alex Vértiz, SVP of Marketing and Product at Inspirus.

Founded in 2004, ZeroedIn is a workforce analytics solution company that helps clients make better use of their people data. ZeroedIn provides quality workforce analytics solutions and exceptional service that powers organizations with the insights they need to make accurate and timely workforce decisions using six elements: role-based data experiences, collaborative data rooms, management scorecards, predictive talent indicators, integrated surveys, and its workforce analytics concierge.

Employee engagement is a company’s most powerful lever for driving business, creating the best place to work, and contributing to a better world. That’s what Inspirus does every day as part of Sodexo’s Quality of Life Services offerings. Inspirus is a market leader in engagement and recognition with an employee engagement platform that combines recognition with global rewards, well-being, learning, safety, and engagement measurement. Inspirus helps market-leading companies across the globe motivate their employees through one point of interaction for everyone – employees, managers, and administrators.

About Inspirus
Inspirus believes employees make up the foundation of culture, which is shaped and evolved through everyday experiences that are essential to the development of strong, high-performing organizations. We seek to influence the employee experience through our six Quality of Life dimensions: recognition, health and well-being, personal growth, physical environment, social interaction, and ease and efficiency.

Only Inspirus combines an integrated rewards engine, learning courses, communication tools and reporting into a single platform spanning recognition, well-being, safety, milestone awards and community involvement. Through Sodexo’s broader mission of improving the Quality of Life of all we serve, Inspirus aims to bring joy to work, one experience at a time.

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