How Workforce Measurement Funds HR

June 5, 2018
Written by Chris Moore

“What gets measured gets funded.”

We stated that in our presentation at the People Analytics and Future of Work conference last fall – and quoted the same day by another presenter remarking, “… whoever said that was a genius.”  The phrase perfectly illustrates the value of analytics to pinpoint solutions. And it’s particularly true for Human Resources (HR) and Talent Management (TM) departments.

HR and TM constantly struggle to justify and keep their budgets. HR/TM transformations succeed when the departments are in a position to make a strong case based on financial impact to the business. Upper management takes notice – and funds initiatives – when business outcomes are quantifiable.

With data visualization tools, it’s easier now than ever to identify various “effects” occurring in the workforce – effects such as rising turnover, lower engagement, increased time to fill positions. But getting to the cause of those effects is still difficult with the tools most HR and TM departments have at their disposal. Collecting data is not the same as interpreting it.

ZeroedIn uses a method of pattern analysis to see commonalities in effects and determine their root causes. Then, because we collect workforce financial data points like salary, revenue, and expenses, we can monetize those effects (i.e., problems) and determine the financial impact on the business. So now, HR and TM not only know where the problems are occurring, but what is causing them and the amount of money that will be saved or earned by fixing the problems.

Money is the language of business. ZeroedIn speaks that language and helps HR and TM departments all around the country make their in-house case for change. Working with us gives HR and TM the tools to plan, communicate, execute, and measure their strategic change initiatives – and by doing so, get company buy-in: literally as well as figuratively.

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