How HR Can Mobilize Workforce Data To The Corporate Front Lines

June 19, 2017

Deep inside your organization, a stockpile of powerful workforce data lies dormant. Could the insights hidden within equate to money saved – or lost? How does HR get data out of the business systems and into to the hands of frontline people managers where it’s needed the most?

Workforce Data Starts Here – Where Does It End?

Companies collect lots of data on employees – we’re drowning in it. All the systems collecting this data are never totally integrated. Somebody has to glue the pieces together because people managers need facts about their employees to weigh when making smart decisions.

So, your HR department (small, overworked) collaborates with IT and systems operations to read and interpret the employee data through spreadsheets and boxed software. You build dashboards to pull it all together and then wait to be able to figure it all out (the “if you build it, they will come” approach). Then when your executives call for it, you scramble to put together documentation and … the information isn’t dynamic or interactive and the front lines can’t drill down to find what they need to know.

As a result, your front lines – the people managers – aren’t getting what they need to make decisions about job assignments, performance, productivity, and the other top 10 employee insights managers want to improve the company’s bottom line. The most brilliant strategies fail when the troops don’t get the support they need to continue fighting the good fight.

Not your fault. Workforce analytics and insight are our job.

ZeroedIn mobilizes your workforce data from your management systems, develops the algorithms to interpret the data, formulates key workforce metrics and insights, and collaborates with you to tell your managers a visual story (presentations, go-to dashboards) that is clear and easily usable, tailored to your company.

Most importantly, we align workforce metrics to organizational goals in a way that’s meaningful and actionable for your company.

The Top Reason HR Professionals Need Better Data Insight

We give you insight into people data and monetize it. And you benefit.

For example, did you know that it costs companies $1 million for every 1000 employees who leave? If insight from workforce analytics helps you reduce turnover, you’re saving the company money.

And what about the cost of hiring and retaining employees? According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the Holy Grail of recruiting is maximizing “quality of hire.” Workforce analytics will quantify quality of hire in your company, while predictive analytics will help identify perfect match candidates for your most crucial positions.

When you monetize for the C-suite, you get recognized. You become the go-to person for saving the company money through workforce insight. That makes you the in-house super hero, as we like to say. Where there’s money, there’s power.

The ZeroedIn Value

Before working with ZeroedIn, the HR Information Systems group at our client, Williams-Sonoma Inc., was spending 10-20 hours a week maintaining their old data-reporting system, some 7000+ business intelligence Crystal Reports; now they spend only about an hour a week answering questions about working the ZeroedIn dashboards. Big time-suck solved, resources saved.

If your company is data rich and information poor, ZeroedIn will mobilize your workforce data and translate it into the insights your company needs to make the best decisions.

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