How AI Models Can Assist Managers in Making Better Decisions

AI is a hot topic right now, but many don’t fully understand the ramifications. How do you present data sets and explainable AI to the average person?

Bill Sherman, host of Leveraging Thought Leadership sits down with Keith Goode, the Vice President of Client Services at ZeroedIn Technologies which provides HR solutions by combining people data with business data for one source of truth.

The conversation begins by getting a sense of how complex ideas like AI can be used by people who are not familiar with it. Keith shares how he identifies the business issue or concern at hand and that AI could be useful to help solve those problems. From there he seeks the right data to answer the questions and then qualifies that information by looking at historical data, then aggregating it together to generate an AI model that can predict outcomes based on the predetermined traits.

Building a data set is a crucial part of creating an accurate AI model. Keith explains how ZeroedIn uses a template that has key factors that have been used in the past coupled with various data elements that are unique and important to the client. Keith continues by explaining how the model can be tested and updated to make the model more accurate.

If you want a better understanding of AI in terms everyone can understand you’ll want to tune into this episode.

Three Key Takeaways

  • Having the ability to create content that speaks to an audience on their level, be it introductory or expert, is the key to reaching a wider audience.
  • Connecting your product or service with the consumer’s insights is how you hit the sweet spot.
  • When engaging others on large scale research you need to allow them to engage with and shape the content.