The Conference Board – 2019 Human Capital Analytics Conference


Human Capital Analytics has transformed Human Resources. No longer can leaders make important decisions and determine strategy by instinct or hunch – Data and analytics play a crucial role in decisions large and small.  This change has now become part of a broader workplace transformation—through AI and machine learning.  HR must become even more integrated with the “Future of Work.”

With over a decade at the forefront of this change, the 2019 Human Capital Analytics conference will deliver the insights and ideas you need to keep pace with your competition. Join us to learn from today’s leading practitioners, and benefit from ample discussions around how HCA integrates into the “Future of Work.” Whether you’re an emerging user or a seasoned practitioner, walk away with the inspiration and practical guidance you need to grow and develop your HCA function.

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Emerging Trends in Employee Listening

Emerging Trends in Employee Listening

In any relationship, people want to feel heard. The relationship between managers and employees is no exception, but the emphasis has traditionally been top-down—i.e., employees listening to management.

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