Evidence-based People Decisions: Insights From the 2018 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference


Workforce planning and analytics done well, generate actionable workforce insights that drive growth. Today’s business and data-driven HR leaders use people insights to identify improvements, determine the possible interventions, and measure the effectiveness of those interventions. With strong evidence to reinforce decisions, workforce planning powered by analytics is a fine-tuned engine that drives the business forward. In this HCI Webcast we’ll discuss best practices from the field and lessons learned from HCI’s 2018 Workforce Planning and People Analytics conference.

You will learn best practices:

  • Building an evidence-based strategic workforce planning function.
  • Crafting actionable analytics to drive business decisions.
  • Optimizing team dynamics with people analytics.

Facilitated by:   

Chris Moore, CEO, Zeroed-In Technologies LLC

Magie Reim, Managing Director, Compenstation and HCMS, TD Ameritrade

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