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June 27, 2022
Data Management Your Way

With a buffet of choices for data management solutions, HR teams can get overwhelmed quickly with trying to choose the right tools for your organization. Many business intelligence (BI) tools require time, effort and specialized data-input formats that only yield cryptic analytics reports, leaving managers in the dark.

The best data visualization tools use input from all relevant sources, analyze it and deliver reports that anyone in your organization can quickly skim through to get a big picture. This may sound easy, but many teams have several tools they work with, so finding and gathering all that data in itself can be a burden.

Sometimes the most fiscal and time-saving solution is to reduce the quantity, improve quality, and in that process, realize return on investment (ROI). In recognizing this, we’ve created a list of features to look for in your data management platform and are proud to say that Zeroedin’s data management services and software solutions include all of these industry-leading features.

AI Services Centralize Data Sources

Big-box BI tools require input in a very specific way, and export results in cookie-cutter reports that showcase the same results for all users. We’ve talked to teams who have entire days, for multiple people, devoted to this process of organizing, cleaning and inputting data into standard tools.

When you use ZeroedIn’s software, our platform does all this for you. Our tool, and our team members who come on board to support you, organize your data from multiple systems like: HRIS, ATS, CRM, ERP, and more. It’s put into a secure cloud and standardized in our application. Consolidating data from all sources for analysis can identify bottlenecks or areas that need improvement. Also, provides a holistic view of all people analytics and data to aid in business decisions, reorganizations, hiring, and more.

A whopping 77% of employees in a recent survey say that they’ve experienced burnout in their current role: cut that down for HR by eliminating data crunching. What could your HR team do instead of the hours they spend formatting Excel sheets? Setting up mentor programs (which help significantly with retention), leading regular employee evaluations and monitoring pay equity practices could be just a few of the things your team could take on while getting people analytics support from ZeroedIn.

Data Visualization: See It, Believe It, Act on It

We provide a tool that allows for data visualization that is extensible throughout the entire organization. When HR can focus on rich data reports that give them clear snapshots, your teams will be more likely to be engaged and productive.

With better visualization, your business can do things like scheduling employees based on performance or skills or merit-based assignment systems for key accounts. You can also identify teams that are most productive and what makes them effective. Use the reports created through ZeroedIn to make financially sound, confident decisions that make for happy, fulfilled workforces.

We configure our platform to you and your data streams, not the other way around like most traditional BI analytics tools that require you to conform to their solutions. This means that we take all your data and extrapolate the reporting that is important for you and your business. We don’t create generic, complicated reports that only data scientists can read and interpret.

More Than a Technology Provider: Analytics Support Structures Unparalleled in the Industry

We know that investing in tools can be a daunting process, especially when you may not have the time or resources to do deep dives into your data. To help you on that journey, we have a team of data scientists that partner with you in a consultative manner, ultimately serving as an extension of your team.

ZeroedIn also helps our clients with a myriad of professional services. For example, if you don’t already know these answers for your organization, we can help you answer questions like these:

  • Is our organization ready to embark on an analytics journey? If not, how do we get prepared?
  • We have a good tool for visualization, but how can we get a good handle on our data from all the disparate systems?
  • How do we continually evolve in our analytics journey?

Choose Better Data Management

Using ZeroedIn can help your leadership team and people managers focus on making your workplace better for all employees. With just one platform and our hands-on approach to services and support we can create a customized tool for your business that automates high-quality visual reports and insights. Reach out today, and we will show you what ZeroedIn can do for your business.

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