5 Myths & Misconceptions of Workforce Analytics

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78% of large companies rate HR & Talent analytics as “urgent” or “important”.

45% of those same companies think they are “not ready” when assessing themselves.

Only 7% of those companies rate their organization as having “strong” HR data analytics capabilities today.

Discover the Secrets in Your Workforce Data

The importance and value of having a strong workforce analytics program is well known. It simplifies decision-making and clarifies workforce strategies. Metrics are calculated and presented in ways that can be easily understood by everyone, without any special training or knowledge.

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That is the gist of workforce analytics;
it’s the simplified analysis of complex data.

Yet, the reality is that there are organizations who struggle with getting a solid workforce analytics initiative off the ground, and for a variety of reasons.

Some are authentic, but many are misconceived, leaving behind a lot of locked up potential and time saving strategies. What follows are five of the most common myths and misconceptions that organizations encounter.

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