3 Steps to Getting Real Results with Curated Insights at the Point of Need

February 11, 2022

People analytics has been a hot topic for decades, and as technology evolves, it becomes even more important. Unfortunately, HR systems are often data-rich but insight-poor, as siloed systems crop up and store – but don’t share – information. The problem is, most HR teams grapple with gathering, cleaning, and organizing data from disparate systems to deliver people insights where they’re needed most — and to managers.

If you’re like most businesses, you need a better people analytics strategy. Follow these three steps to get there:

Step One: Learn Why HR Struggles with People Analytics

We know it’s a battle to provide people analytics consistently and efficiently with a small team, limited tools and skills, and an ongoing stream of ad hoc requests coming from all areas of your business. We also know that enterprise analytics solutions are often too big and complex for your organization.

Read More about what’s standing in the way of accessing insights.

Step Two: Understand How to Streamline People Analytics

Although delivering curated insights to your managers and your team may seem like a labor-intensive and time-consuming process, it doesn’t have to be. You can continue to try to prepare data, run analyses, and compile reports on your own, or you can partner with an experienced people analytics firm that focuses on this work day in and day out. The choice is yours, but there are foundational steps that must be taken to be successful.

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Step Three: Use Your People Analytics Strategy to Drive Business Outcomes

Once you have the people, processes, and technology in place to deliver people analytics, your organization will see the greatest benefit if you use those insights to drive business outcomes.

Read More about getting the most value from your data, step by step.

The Result: A Plan to People Analytics to a Discoverable Point of Truth 

Stop your HR struggles with people analytics by using configurable HR analytics tech.Read the Full eBook Now: Learn the 3 Steps to Getting Real Results With Your People Analytics – ZeroedIn

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