HRMAC – CHRO Roundtable – Talent Management and Artificial Intelligence

June 7, 2023

Rising to the Challenge of Leading an AI-enabled HR Organization

Industries and companies the world over are rushing to capitalize on artificial intelligence (AI),  leveraging the computing power of machines to mimic, and more importantly, accelerate and improve the accuracy of the human thought process.   Closer to home, predictive talent indicators are being developed with machine learning – a subset of AI – and trained to proactively identify employee flight risk, rising talent, perfect candidates, ideal successors, top producers, and more.

With great power comes great responsibility (and opportunity).  This session will review the use cases for AI in HR and discuss the techniques, data requirements, resources, ROI, and potential legal ramifications. Learn how to use AI and workforce analytics to not only formulate your change initiatives but to justify, keep, and even grow your budgets.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Come prepared to share your experiences and leave with a firm understanding of what it will take for you to systematically and successfully put this powerful technology to work for your company. Rise to the occasion and learn what others are finding out the hard way when they embark on their AI initiatives without knowing all the implications.

Presented by the Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC).  Open to all CHRO members.  Limited registration.

Facilitated by Chris Moore, CEO of ZeroedIn

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