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August 7, 2020
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Developing a COVID Risk Mitigation Dashboard

Businesses dealing with COVID

In late March, just as the pandemic was taking full effect in the United States, ZeroedIn colleague Eric Shepherd—from the Talent Transformation Guild— wrote a very insightful and informative blog post detailing key analytics that the C-Suite needs to take into consideration when evaluating their organizational health during the pandemic. 

In the post, he provided a comprehensive review of historical trends, predictions based on geographical data, and population trends segmented by age and geography. In addition, he addressed barriers in remote working and how they affect revenue-generating capacity. 

6 months later, all of the data points that Eric reviews in his blog post are still crucial to organizational health today, and they must be collected, processed, analyzed, and acted upon. Ultimately, this will help the C-Suite identify threats to their organizations and ensure the proper allocation of resources to adapt to the COVID environment. 

Collecting, processing, analyzing, and acting upon this crucial data is what ZeroedIn does best:

  • We collect data from workforce and business systems, encrypt it, and securely transfer it to our cloud environment, where it is tagged and stored in a client-specific data lake. 
  • We process the data by loading it into our people analytics model, where it is unified with other internal and external data sets, put through forecasting and predictive algorithms, and analyzed to deliver customized prescriptive insights at your fingertips. 
  • We help companies act upon our insights through our Workforce Analytics Concierge. Our Concierge is a team of data scientists and product specialists that help enhance your user experience, research data issues, and help you solve real business problems. 

This approach to people analytics allows ZeroedIn to deliver real insights, real value, and real ROI more quickly, cost-effectively, and painlessly. 

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