ZeroedIn Welcomes Loree Swain

December 5, 2022
Loree Swain

ZeroedIn is proud to announce that Loree Swain is joining the company as Sales Director.

“Loree has an incredible energy that she’s bringing to our team during a season marked with exponential development,” said Dave Seligsohn, SVP of Operations & Growth. “Her experience and passion will help us expand into new markets, develop foundational partnerships and create deeper, more meaningful relationships with our current clients. We’re excited to see how ZeroedIn advances under her leadership.”

Loree has amassed a wealth of experience in developing, launching, and growing alliances with some of the largest names in tech, and she has led successful sales teams through her commitment to servant leadership and compassionate directness.

Loree Swain has more than 18 years experience in helping customers solve complex business challenges and drive outcomes that make a difference. She’s made a name for herself in various industries including HR and learning management, employee safety and security, cloud communications and commercial real estate.

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