The Benefits of Dedicated Workforce Analytics Software

May 24, 2016
Written by Chris Moore
Workforce Analytics Software

When you’re creating a new workforce analytics program, you may be tempted to use the business intelligence tools you already have to generate your workforce analytics. Why spend money on a whole new system when you have an existing tool?

Big mistake.

Using business intelligence tools to run your workforce analytics program is like forcing a square peg into a round hole. You can probably do it, but it’ll cost you time, hassle and money that can be saved by recognizing and leveraging the benefits of a dedicated workforce analytics software.

It’s already built for you

Unlike business intelligence tools, workforce analytics technologies are designed around the employee lifecycle and HR information. Instead of having to go deep into your data to pick out the nuggets of workforce information and assemble them yourself, turnkey workforce analytics tools have already done the thinking for you. They are built to present findings about your workforce and give you information about the entire employee lifecycle, including recruiting, onboarding, compensation, training and more.

Ease of use

BI tools aren’t built for laymen. They’re supported by information technology specialists, and it can be difficult for non-specialists to access the information they need to make informed decisions. Workforce analytics tools, on the other hand, are designed to be user-friendly for all levels of users.

To get the most benefit from your workforce analytics software, research your options to find which one has the capabilities you need. As you’re finding the right tool, think about how much time and effort you’ll save by implementing workforce analytics technology, and how quickly you can get to making real decisions and improving your business. Good luck!

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