HCI WebCast – People Analytics: Reinforcing Critical Decisions in Times of Crisis

June 7, 2023

Sometimes the best laid workforce plans go awry when uncertainty hits. Most organizations don’t plan for doomsday events, but when they come you need to be prepared with real insights to make critical, evidence-based decisions around freezes, layoffs, cut backs, leave, pay advances, and in the best case a surge. How accessible and ready is your workforce data to support rapid decisions in a time of crisis? How are you leveraging geo-demographic datasets from government and 3rd parties in combination with your own workforce data? And how do you apply the rigor of analytics amidst chaos when you don’t have the right mix of skills and tools to do the job?

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn how to ensure workforce decisions made today are based on thoughtful analysis and facts so they don’t stifle the organization and its ability to rebound
  • Discover how high-performing organizations are combining external datasets with internal workforce data to create a complete playbook from which to base decisions
  • Consider how to find and prioritize the correct combination of people, process, and technology to serve your organization’s unique people analytics and workforce planning needs today and in times of crisis

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