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January 7, 2014
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June 19, 2014
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Transforming Workforce Data Into Workforce Intelligence

With workforce analytics becoming an increasing focus for organizations, we are finding our clients struggling with how to make sense of all of the data they have. Since the average organization can have 10+ legacy systems that contain some form of employee data, it can be challenging just to get access to it, let alone make strategic use of it.

First, it’s important that you remember that defining your focus and strategic objectives up front is essential, down to the specific metrics you want to capture and how they will be applied to the business problem at hand. Consulting services such as those offered by ZeroedIn or other specialty firms can help you in these areas, or you may have the skills to do it on your own. So assuming you can figure out what areas to focus in on and where the data lives, then what?

In a recent interview in Talent Management magazine, Mercer’s Brian Kelly advocates “taking the long view.” Which essentially means not getting caught up in too narrow a window of time or too small a sampling of data. Instead you need to extract enough data over a long enough period of time to identify meaningful trends that can help you make successful decisions for the future.

At ZeroedIn, we believe that a long view can help you begin to transform workforce data and metrics into meaningful workforce intelligence. The ZeroedIn technology platform is designed to make data aggregation easier, helping you efficiently compile the data across a time window and present it in ways that make predictive analysis easier. While many tools can extract and aggregate data, it’s important to remember that we live in a very dynamic world. So while taking a long view is helpful (and even essential), there is no guarantee that past performance is an indicator of future success – in other words, don’t assume the same patterns you’ve seen in the past will hold true in the future.

Similar to the investing in the stock market, investing in your workforce requires you to consider both long-term quantitative information as well as more real-time qualitative considerations. This is why the ZereodIn platform is designed to capture BOTH. Our collective listening capabilities enable you to aggregate data from multiple systems, while also surveying your workforce for real-time information. Our social engagement capabilities allow you consider more qualitative factors and keep a pulse on what your workforce is thinking on a daily basis. Our strategy mapping capabilities allow you to tie both quantitative and qualitative data to your top business objectives. Our workforce analytics platform gives you the ability to incorporate all of this information – combining it to deliver a level of workforce intelligence that no other single technology can deliver.

So take the long view – just remember that your workplace is a dynamic environment and this will greatly impact what workforce innovations are needed for your business to be successful in the future. Contact ZeroedIn today to get started.