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August 12, 2013
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November 11, 2013
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5 Things You Need To Know About Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is bustling; everyone wants a slice of the best talent out there for their company. Companies, both big and small, have high expectations for growth and there’s no escaping the term “workforce analytics” in today’s marketplace. If you’re thinking about workforce analytics, there may be a variety of questions and preconceived notions swirling around in your mind.

According to an article written by Cindy Waxer of Data Informed, there are 5 major things you need to know before you invest in a workforce analytics product – like ZeroedIn – to make sure you get your money’s worth. If you are looking to identify top-notch candidates, cut attrition rates and recruitment costs and update business practices, then read on for our take on Cindy’s top five…

  1. What are your goals? Maybe you have a high turnover or want to attract better candidates? Perhaps you want to improve employee morale? Or you need to understand what skill sets you need to build for the future? Choose your area of concern and ZeroedIn can help you configure the workforce analytics solution you need to focus in on that particular challenge.
  2. Is partnership important? You bet! ZeroedIn prides itself on building strong partnerships with our clients and working closely with you to be sure you are successful in your workforce analytics endeavors. When you have a good, strategic partnership with your technology vendor, you receive the strong client relations and support you need. Smaller vendors like ZeroedIn, in general, offer more flexibility and creativity than larger, less flexible alternatives.
  3. The amazing Cloud. In the past, you would have to determine how many servers to purchase and whether or not IT had the bandwidth to install and configure new technology. Today –everything you need to deploy workforce analytics can be hosted in the Cloud and all you need is a web browser.
  4. Insist on performance and quality. You want (need!) a partner who will be agile and flexible in meeting your needs – you do not need slow processes, red tape or bureaucracy. Be sure to choose a vendor that will be ready and responsive should you have questions, need a fast response and/or encounter glitches in the system.
  5. Timing expectations?  Try to be realistic – it won’t happen overnight but it also won’t take years. The switch to workforce analytics nirvana won’t be flipped on after just one meeting, however it can happen faster than the skeptics think. Don’t delay action because you think it will take too long and be too costly, because we can help you lay out a plan that produces results within a few short months. With the support of ZeroedIn workforce analytics technology and our team of experts, you can deliver measurable ROI and deliver tangible value back to the business.

Consider these 5 important issues and contact ZeroedIn today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals in the areas of HR innovation, workforce analytics, learning measurement and workforce benchmarking strategy.