Subscription Packages and Services

Workforce Analytics Suite

ZeroedIn's workforce analytics suite combines turnkey role-based dashboards for HR, collaborative data rooms, management scorecards, and predictive talent indicators, all managed and serviced by our personalized Workforce Analytics Concierge. Subscriptions are based on the size of your workforce.

Starting at $5,000/month

ISO 30414 Compliant Edition

Preconfigured Dashboards and Reports for General HR
Compliance and Ethics
Organizational Culture
Organizational Health, Safety, and Well-being
Recruitment, Mobility, and Turnover
Skills and Capabilities
Succession Planning
Workforce Availability

Subscriptions are based on the size of your workforce.

Starting at $5,000/month

Engagement, Pulse, & HR Surveys

ZeroedIn collects valuable feedback and sentiment directly from your workforce and displays actionable results using our integrated event-triggered survey platform. Use our engagement, leadership 360's, new hire, exit survey templates or create your own instruments. Survey module subscriptions are based on the number of surveys delivered each year.

Starting at $1,000/month

ZeroedIn Services

Discover how ZeroedIn's Workforce Analytics Concierge creates sustainable workforce and people analytics programs custom to your organization. Fixed price or time and material, no project is too big or too small. Share your vision and let us propose a solution.

People Analytics Checkup
Disparate Data Unification
Predictive Modeling
Data Visualization & Dashboards
Data Lake Construction
Data Science & Analysis

Discover how ZeroedIn can build a sustainable workforce and people analytics program for you.

See how we can transform your data into an insightful and predictive tool, boosting efficiency and improving communication. Request pricing today and discover the greatest potential of your dormant data with ZeroedIn.

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